We are always pleased to deal with any enquiries relating to player pianos and music rolls. In any correspondence, please state your location, as enquiries are received from all over the world.

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Are you seeking information on the history of your player piano?
Unfortunately, as there are literally hundreds of different makes, and the majority of the manufacturers went out of business prior to 1930, very little information of this nature is now available. In most cases, we can identify the address of the former factory, and the age of the instrument if the serial number is provided.

Do you wish to know the value of your player piano?
A valuation over the internet is simply not possible. Your instrument will need to be inspected by a reputable piano technician, who is familiar with player pianos.

Is your instrument actually a player piano?
We occasionally receive enquiries from the owners of reed organs and conventional (non-automatic) pianos etc, but are regrettably unable to provide information on any instrument other than player pianos.

Can the information you are seeking be located at the many pages within this web site, or at any of the sites listed at our links page?

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